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05 October 21

Affinity Water gains safety training accreditation by Outreach Rescue

  • Outreach Rescue sets high standards
  • Affinity Water to use its trademark and certification
  • First utility company to achieve this accreditation of multiple disciplines

Outreach rescue practice

Affinity Water has gained accreditation as an official Outreach Rescue accredited training Centre, from 1st October 2021 with an annual renewal.

Outreach Rescue are one of the main providers of training work in specialised environments for the emergency services in the United Kingdom and Worldwide. Affinity Water is the first utility company to achieve this important accreditation of multiple disciplines.

Affinity Water has been accredited to provide training in medium and high-risk confined space environments, for safe working at heights and in water safety.

Outreach Rescue are respected for being one of the leading training providers for specialised and high-risk environments and it reinforces Affinity Water’s long-standing policy of introducing safe systems of working across its workforce.

Troy Sutton, Technical Learning Specialist said: “We have been working alongside Outreach Rescue to achieve this new status which is a first for the utility sector. Outreach Rescue are the leading specialists in safe systems of working in difficult situations and we hope that other utility companies will follow our lead and introduce this bespoke training. For us, it achieves a higher standard than the industry has worked to previously and enables bespoke course delivery for our needs.

“It’s important that as an industry we aspire to the highest standards of safety possible while working in difficult situations, such as confined spaces, at height and in water environments.

We want to thank Outreach Rescue for working closely with us to enable us to achieve this important accreditation and will now be using its trademark and certification.”

Sarah Menday, Head of Organisation Development said: “As the largest water only company in the UK with 3.6 million customers across London and the South of England it’s great that we trail blaze when it comes to setting safety standards that our employees and contractors can trust.

“The Outreach Rescue accreditation is new to the utility and water sector. Outreach Rescue sets high standards and we have been on a learning journey led through all the great work Troy has done, with the support and guidance from Outreach Rescue to achieve this recognition.

“By using its trademark and certification those we work with will know that we have achieved and continue to provide high standards of training delivery, which demonstrates our commitment to our employees and workplace safety.”

Mac Stephens from Outreach Rescue said: “As an approved Outreach centre Affinity Water will be able to provide Outreach Rescue certification and use our publications for courses it runs. We want to congratulate Affinity Water for gaining the Outreach Rescue accreditation for working in medium and high-risk confined space environments, at height and in water safety.

“This is a first multi discipline accreditation awarded to a water company and for the utility sector so we hope others will now come on board too and learn from its experiences with us. It’s been hard work, but the Affinity Water team have been thoughtful and diligent in their approach to gaining this important accreditation.”

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