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Unable to get a Read

Find out why your bill was estimated

Why was my meter read estimated?

Information on why bill was estimated


We have an interactive bill that helps to explain each section of your bill.


Can you access your meter?

  • Yes

    How to submit your reading.

    You can choose from the following options:

    • Online – log in or register for My Account and submit your reading
    • SMS – Send your message with the word READ followed by your customer number and meter reading to 07781 474 715.

    Not sure how to read your meter?

    Watch our helpful guide on how to read your meter.

  • No

    How to find your stop tap

    • If you have an external meter your stop tap is likely to be in the same hole.
    • Ask your neighbours where their stop taps are - if you have a similar type of house, they're likely to be in similar place.
    • Remember your stop tap may be on the pavement, your own garden or your neighbours garden.
    • If your kitchen is at the back of the property your stop tap may be in your rear garden. 
    Watch our helpful video below for more advice on how to find your stop tap and to turn it off.

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