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Good news – you’ve got a water meter!

If you’ve had your water meter for more than two years, you’re hopefully already saving water.

Just had your meter fitted? You can now start saving water! Continue to pay (the same way) as you do today for up to two years… or let us know if you want to move to a metered bill straight away.

Switching to a metered bill – You can change to a metered bill anytime during the next two years. Please note, if you do this you will not be able to switch back to an unmetered bill.

Your meter, your choice! Click here to find out how to change to a metered bill.

Water saving tip

Water your plants in the morning or evening when it’s cooler, this will help stop the water from evaporating.

Your 1st cost comparison letter

Within 6 months of installing your meter, we’ll send your first cost comparison letter – showing how much you would be paying on a metered bill.

Your 2nd cost comparison letter

6 months after your first cost comparison letter, we’ll send you another one – showing how much water you’ve used and how much you would be paying on a metered bill.

Your 3rd cost comparison letter

Another 6 months has gone and the third cost comparison letter is on your doorstep. Keep checking to see how much water you’ve used and how much you would be paying on a metered bill.

Your 4th cost comparison letter

Your fourth and final cost comparison letter will be shared two years after we’ve installed your water meter, hopefully all our water saving tips would have helped you with your water usage habits.

Free Home Water Efficiency Checks

Great news! To help you save water, save energy and save money, with every meter fitted we’re offering a Home Water Efficiency Check (worth around £80) absolutely FREE!

Our technicians are visiting your area to carry out Free Home Water Efficiency Checks. Find out more how you can benefit from using less water - to find out more or book an appointment today click here

Welcome to your metered bill… better for your community and the environment! Now that you’re paying for the water you use, we’ll stop your cost comparison letters and will send your metered bills every 6 months. If you haven’t already explored our other tariffs, check them out now to see if we can help you. And remember, keep saving water!

For more information about your bill Click here

You're now
in control!

Water saving tip

Washing-up with a bowl or filling the basin uses 60% less water than leaving the tap running.

If you have a dishwasher stack it up, look out for the ‘eco’ or ‘economy ‘setting – this uses less water and energy with the same quality wash as a normal setting!

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