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Water saving tip

Hang up your hose – a hose uses as much water as a family of 4 uses in a day and a half – use a watering can instead.

We might need to dig...

If it looks like we’ll have to dig a small area outside your home...

We’ll leave a dig card to keep you informed and will be back at a later date to install the meter. We will also send you a letter at least 14 days before we dig.

If your meter needs to be installed in the public footpath outside your property...

...we’ll wait for permission from the council before we dig.

If the meter is to be fitted within your property boundary (i.e. your garden or driveway)...

...we’ll let you know when this will be.

Whatever happens, you won’t need to be at home when we fit your meter.

Water saving tip

Use a water butt to collect rainwater, which can be used to water your garden or wash your car.

If we can’t dig...

If it looks like we won’t be able to install your new meter outside your property, we’ll arrange an appointment with you to try and fit the meter inside your home.

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