If I decide to switch, what happens next?

The good news is that if you decide you would like to have a water meter, we will install one for you, free of charge*.






On receipt of your application we will follow this process:

1.  We'll visit you at the arranged appointment time to conduct a survey.

2.  We'll carry out the survey and find the most suitable location for the meter. If its possible to install the meter immediately, we will.

3.   If we can't install the meter immediately, we'll arrange for an installation team to attend your property at a later date.

4.  We'll check that there isn’t a leak between the meter and your internal stop tap – if we do find a leak that can be repaired without doing any further excavation, we’ll carry out the work free of charge.  If it turns out that the repair does need further excavation, you may have to pay for it. However, you may be eligible for the free Leak Repair Scheme. You can find advice about leaks by clicking here Leaks on supply pipes (opens in a new window). Details of the scheme are on page 8.



* Free meter fitting is for Domestic Customers only. Please click here, to find out about metering for businesses.