Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

Meter reading

If you have received a letter, email or text asking you to submit a reading giving the URL, please click here to complete the correct form.

If you haven't had that letter, then this is the form you need to use to tell us any other meter readings.

We're working to make submitting a meter reading part of our online account management, My Account, but currently this form is outside that system. We're sorry for any inconvenience and we'll get the improvements made as soon as possible.

Moving property? If you haven't told us the details, please tell us about your change of address by clicking here. You'll be able to tell us your reading there. If you've already told us about your move, you can use this form to tell us your closing or opening reading.

If your meter is situated in a position that makes it difficult for you to read or is dangerous for you or for others, please contact us and we will read the meter for you.

Above is a photo of a typical meter. Your meter may look a bit different, as we have installed different types over the years. The meter serial number is usually shown on the outer edge of the meter, in this case, on the upper right of the dial. You need to tell us the numbers on the black and white counters (usually 5 digits) not the red and white. Our video help guide is available, if you need it. How to read your meter (opens a new window).

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Your account

We need to identify your account. Please provide either ONE of the following:

  • a customer reference number which can be found on your bill (e.g 1234567-8 or 123456-7) or
  • the full address of the property where we supply water.

Please make sure you give at least one of the details requested above to identify your account. We show  both on the form, but these are not compulsory fields, as customers may only have access to limited information.

You are welcome to complete all the fields if you wish.

Customer number
(e.g 1234567-8 or 123456-7)
Your customer number is found on your bill. Enter in the format 1234567-8 or 123456-7, please enter the number in full.


Full address of the property where we supply water (including the postcode).