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Here's our latest customer leaflets and publications which provide helpful advice on our services.  If you can't find what you need give our customer service team a call.

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Your water at home

About your water service for 2017/2018

Customer Charter

Code of Practice for pipelaying

Complaints procedure

Leakage code of practice

Leaks on supply pipes

Looking after water in your home

Replacing your water mains

Water fittings regulations

Water Quality Report 2016

Water reuse systems - advice & guidance


Extra Assistance

Help with payment problems

Assistance guide

Safeguard registration form


Helpful tips

Tips for reducing your water bill

Tips to save water, energy and money

Tips to protect your property from burst pipes


Our charges


Affinity Water Wholesale Tariff Document 2018-19

Indicative Charging Information Statement of Significant Changes 2018-19

Statement of Significant Changes Charges Scheme Charges 2018-19

Wholesale Charges Board Assurance Statement 2018-19



Charges Scheme (Household) 2017/18

Charges Scheme (Non-Household) 2017/18

Charges Scheme (Wholesale) 2017/18

Charges Scheme (Statement of Assurance) 2017/18



Average bill information for residential customers 2017/18

Statement of Significant Changes - End Customer Charges 2017/18

Statement of Significant Changes - Wholesale Charges 2017/18

Wholesale Charges - Board Assurance Statement 2017/18

Wholesale Tariff Document 2017/18

Schedule of Wholesale Charges 2017/18