Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

Cleaning our water mains

Water MainsWhy do we need to clean the water mains?

The water we provide you is of a very high quality. However, over time, natural sediments may build up in our pipe work. If these are left, you could occasionally experience some discolouration of your water. As part of our routine maintenance programme, we carry out regular activity to flush the water mains to remove these sediments, where this is required.


About our works

We are principally employing a technique called Ice pigging to clean the majority of the trunk main network. Trunk mains supply water from our water treatment works and storage facilities such as our towers and reservoirs, into the local distribution network. Local distribution mains, those pipes that supply water from trunk mains to customer’s homes, will be cleaned by means of a systematic flushing programme.

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