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We beat our leakage reduction target for 2019/2020

In five years up to March 2020, we beat our challenging leakage reduction target of 14%, achieving a reduction of 15%. This was the water industry’s most challenging target, and we’re proud to have achieved it.

We achieved our target by investing in the latest technologies, using new techniques, and working closely with other companies to share ideas and best practices.

Tom Aspinall, Head of Leakage explains how we are working to reduce leakage.

We know more needs to be done

Reducing leaks is now more important than ever. As the climate emergency unfolds, we need to ensure we provide a sustainable supply of water for a growing population and leave more water in the environment.

We have committed to an ambitious plan to reduce leakage by a further 20% by 2025, and we are determined to meet the Environment Agency’s target of halving our leakage rates by 2050.

A new approach to finding and fixing leaks

We achieved our target by:

  • Investing in the new leading-edge technology to find and fix more leaks

  • Improving our methods for leakage detection

  • Using leakage software to identify areas of water loss

  • Continuing to replace old water mains to provide a reliable supply of drinking water and reduce the disruption caused when a water main bursts.

  • Introduced a step-testing technique, which allows our engineers to systematically work through districts and streets, using monitoring and isolation techniques to more effectively narrow down areas suffering from water leaks.

We’ll continue to use all these techniques, and we’re also working with scientists and academics to invest in cutting edge technologies to detect leaks. We look forward to announcing more later this year.

Meeting our leakage target helps us achieve our purpose to provide high quality drinking water and to take care of our environment, now and in the future.

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