Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

What happens when you report a leak

Please report leaks to us via our online form, or our dedicated leak spotters number 0800 376 5325.

Fixing leaks isn’t always an easy process. We appreciate that you can get frustrated when you see a leak, report it, and then walk past it two days later and find that it hasn't been fixed. Please be assured we are doing something about it, the following 7 steps will show you what we do and how long it takes.

If the leak is causing severe flooding, damage or poses a risk to property or people, this process will not be followed as we will arrange for a team to visit as soon as possible and carry out repairs as an emergency.

1. A leak is reported
We ask for as much information as possible, so we have a clear picture of how serious the leak is.
Don't worry, this will only take a couple of minutes to complete.
2. The details are passed to an advisor
One of our advisors logs the information and plans for one of our technicians to visit.
3. Investigating the leak
One of our technicians attends the site to find out where the water is coming from, using specialised leakage detection equipment. In some cases we take a water sample and carry out analysis on the water to determine if it is coming from our network.
(This takes between 1 and 10 days, depending on how serious the leak is)
4. The results
- If the water is murky or standing, it is likely to be a blocked drain and we will pass the details onto the relevant party
- Sometimes no leak is found, or we are not responsible for the water. It can sometimes end up being sewerage, wet weather or even car washing.
- If the leak on private pipework we will ask the owner to undertake a repair. Click here for more information on private leaks.
If the leak is found on our network we will arrange for the necessary repairs to be carried out.
5. Arranging the repair
As our pipes run under the road surface, we often have to get permission from local councils to dig. We may also need to use temporary traffic lights or divert traffic around the repair. The council may feel that there is already too much work going on in the area, so they will give us a date when we can return and carry out the repair. This can delay us repairing the leak straight away.
(This can take up to 21 days but we will try to get the work planned in at the earliest possible date)
6. Repairing the leak
One of our community teams attends the site and will excavate the road or pavement to repair the leak.
7. We reinstate the area
Our specialist contractors come and fill in the hole to permanently repair the road or footway. Sometimes we do a temporary repair, but will make it permanent as soon as we can. We will then clear up the area to how it was before the repairs started.
(This is normally done within 3 days after the repair)

Please be aware that the time frames are estimated based on current performance. We try to fix any leaks as soon as possible, but due to the volume of leaks we resolve, as well as the approval we may need to gain from the council, the work may take longer.

Our main priority is to ensure everyone has access to fresh water. Therefore all scheduled appointments are subject to change due to any sudden emergency work.