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Got a question?

Got a question?

Submit my meter reading

TXT your meter readingReading a meter is easy. Your account is based on the number of whole cubic metres used, so you just need to record the number of cubic metres registered on the meter face.

If you are already clear on how to read your meter please go directly to our meter reading form.







If not, follow our simple step by step guide or watch our online video to successfully read your meter:

Step 1 - Locate your meter

Your meter should be in your front garden, at the boundary to your property or in the public footpath, it will be located inside a small box compartment.  Occasionally meters are fitted internally, usually under the sink.

Step 2 - Lift the lid

You may need to use a wide screw-driver for this. Remove the polystyrene frost cover if one is present and pull up the inner meter lid to view the meter face

Step 3 - Read the numbers

water-meter-white.JPGYou need to note the white numbers on black which show cubic metres. Ignore the white numbers on red. Some of the dials may be moving. Do not worry about this unless they fail to stop when no water is being used

Step 4 - Tell us your meter reading

 Online   Fill out our online meter reading form 

 Text the word READ followed by your customer number (found on your bill)
 then your reading to 07781 474 715