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Hot weather and high demand



The hot weather is still here and as you’d expect this means more demand on water. During a hot spell, the average amount of water each person uses each day can increase by more than 50% as people have more showering, water gardens and fill paddling pools.

We work hard to forecast changes in the demand for water as weather changes. We have increased the supply of water to ensure to meet this demand, but you can help too by saving water.


How you can help

Here's a quick video of the top tips to save water in the garden



Paddling pools

Did you know a paddling pool can use up to a 1,000 litres of water? Why not have a paddling pool playdate and invite your friends - save water and have more fun! and use your paddling pool water for your plants.


Did you know a sprinkler or a hose uses up to 1,000 litres of drinking water in just one hour? That’s more than a family of four use in a whole day! 


Plants are best watered first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening when the sun has gone down. It’s better for plants to be watered less often rather than a light sprinkle every day.

These tips will really help us to all to save water!

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Are you experiencing low pressure?

In hot weather when more water is used at the same time by a number of households, it reduces the water pressure in the network. Just like at home, if someone is showering and someone else is using the tap or flushes the toilet the pressure can decrease. This can happen with our network.

If you are experiencing low pressure during the hot weather, this should improve outside peak demand.