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Hitchin Mains Improvement

Starting 1st February 2016 for 6 months


Why are we installing new mains in this area?

The water supply to Hitchin flows through a single trunk main. We are going to be installing new pipework between Waitrose in Bedford Road and Windmill Hill Reservoir, to provide a back up to the existing 9 inch diameter pipe. We will also install a new valve and connection pipework on the 18 inch diameter pipe in Wymondley Road, to give us more control on the trunk main.

If we don’t carry out these works, there is a risk that over 5,000 properties could be left without water if there was a burst on this pipe.

We are investing £0.9 million to improve the resilience of the water network in Hitchin. These works are absolutely essential to make sure we continue to provide a reliable supply of water to the community in the future. The work will also improve the water pressure in the western part of Hitchin.


Where exactly are we working?

The following streets/post codes may be affected during different parts of the work.

  • Bedford Road, SG5 1HL

  • Brand Street, SG5 1HX

  • Bancroft, SG5 1JQ

  • Hermitage Road, SG5 1BT

  • Queen Street, SG4 9TH

  • Windmill Hill, SG4 9RT

  • Wymondley Road, SG4 0PZ


Latest Works

Latest update: 9th May

Our work is currently progressing well and we are expecting our project to be completed on time.

For information about changes to Bus Routes please visit Intalink


Where we are working

What we are doing

Expected completion date

Bedford Road

Lane closure on Bedford Road.

Working simultaneously with work in Brand Street.


Brand Street

Lane closure set up in Brand Street to complete pipe laying works.



One remaining excavation outside Next retail store for connections later on.


Windmill Hill Recreation Ground

Work to reinstate the grass area on Windmill Hill Recreational area


Hermitage Road

No vehicle access from Bancroft Road.  One way access from Queen Street.

Work to install pipes beginning at the junction with Bancroft and heading towards Queen Street.

Completed - road is now completely reopen to traffic.

Queen Street

Restrictions for large/heavy vehicles access Hermitage Road from Queen Street and multi-way lights in place for all other traffic. We recommend that you avoid driving through this area during this period if possible.

Completed - road is now completely reopen to all traffic.

Wymondley Road

Road will be closed to through traffic.

Work to install new pipework and connections.



Please see the map for more information


Road Closure - Wymondley Road


What are we doing to minimise the traffic disruption?

We know this is going to cause disruption to people in Hitchin and the surrounding areas affected. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused but the work is essential.

We have been working closely with Hertfordshire County Council, the local Highways Authority to plan this work so we can reduce disruption, as much as possible.

We would like to assure you that the traffic management measures we have put in place are needed to ensure the safety of motorists and our technicians



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