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Who is responsible for leaks?

Leaks inside your property or on private land

If you have a leak inside your home or on your property, i.e. inside your property boundary, then you or your landlord are responsible. You may share responsibility if your property is on a shared supply. If you are a home owner, you should contact a plumber or your insurer, if you have a home protection policy. If you are a tenant you should contact your landlord or their repair team.

HomeServe offers our customers a cost-effective and reliable solution in the event of a plumbing, drainage or water supply pipe emergency. This service is offered to our customers who do not hold a HomeServe insurance policy and provides Instant Cover with a value promise.

  • HomeServe will agree a price up front, no hidden call-out fees or hourly rate fees.
  • They will aim to be with you in 3 hours for emergencies or same day for water supply pipe jobs.
  • HomeServe only use approved engineers who are monitored and audited for quality and expertise.
  • Repairs come with a guarantee and they are so confident in the quality of work that you don't need to pay until the work is done.

So, whether you have an internal leak, a blocked sink or toilet, a dripping tap or a range of other household emergencies, give HomeServe a call on 0800 032 7593, and they will be happy to help. Don't forget to mention that you are an Affinity Water customer and quote reference V10 to benefit from any special discounts.

Leaks from the mains on the public highway

If the leak is of fresh water on the public footpath or roadway outside your property boundary, we are usually responsible. You can tell us about the leak by clicking on this link -reporting a leak 

Drainage emergencies

Unfortunately, we are not able to help with drainage emergencies. Please click on this link to find out who is responsible in your area - Drainage emergencies

Supply pipe leaks

We have a detailed customer information leaflet covering supply pipe leaks. The following is a brief summary of the assistance we offer and you can find the full booklet by clicking on this link.

In most cases, the pipework on your property running from the stopcock in the pavement to your internal stopcock, known as the supply pipe, is your responsibility and although we have no legal obligation to maintain it in most cases we will do the following:

  • If we think you have a leak on your supply pipe, we will visit your home to make an initial inspection which is free of charge. We may be able to advise you on the location and route of your pipe but we cannot guarantee to do so.
  • If a leak is confirmed we will give you a written report of our findings and we will set out the next steps.
  • Where the pipe is likely to be in good condition and we believe there is a good chance of locating and making a repair (we will not dig under any structure), we will make a single excavation to try and find the leak and then repair it. We will not make multiple repairs except as an emergency patch. This service is free of charge but this is at our discretion and is subject to terms and conditions available on request. If we do this and if the pipe is confirmed to be in good condition, you may qualify for a second free repair, subject to the same conditions as above.
  • If we cannot offer a free repair, or if you choose to replace the pipe instead of repair it, we will contribute towards a replacement. This will be explained in the written report that we give you.
In all cases where we excavate we will refill the hole and make it safe but we will not reinstate to match the existing finish.

Please note: We will do what we can to help but we do not guarantee to carry out any investigations nor to fix leaks on customer's property.
If you would like to find out more about supply pipe repairs please click here.

You can find out more information about leaks here.
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