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Other developments

If you are building a new block of flats/apartments, converting an existing building into flats or creating a commercial property, you are most likely going to need a new water connection to our water main and a connection to the public sewer to take the sewage away.

If the property needs a large amount of water, especially water used in industrial processing, you may need a large water connection and if you are disposing of this water into the sewer you might need special permission.


Install an gricultural trough

If you need a new water supply for a trough in a field for agricultural purposes you need to apply for a standard water connection. You are responsible for laying a service pipe in private land down to the nearest existing water main for us to connect to. Once you have applied we may arrange a site visit and we’ll confirm where you should lay the service pipe to. We’ll send you the connection costs for the work within the public highway. A water meter will be installed at the point of connection in an external boundary box and you’ll receive an individual bill/account for this trough supply. This follows the same process as applying for a connection to a new house. No sewer connection is required.

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