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Call-off your new water service connection

Are you ready for your new water service connection(s) to be installed?

Please complete this form in full, with as much detailed information as possible (if applicable), to allow us to try and schedule your connection in line with your own work programme.

If you have applied using My Developments please login to call off your connection.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Your details

Your scheme number *

Your scheme reference number will be shown on any correspondence you have received from the Developer Services team.

Your name *
Telephone number *

Site details

Site address
Site postcode *

If the site contact is different from details above, please enter a name and contact number below.

Name of person to contact on site
Site contact telephone number

If your connection(s) is for a new property, please enter below the full postal address as provided by the Local Authority.

Full postal address

If your development contains more than one property, please tick the box and attach a list of plot numbers and their allocated postal addresses below. 

Development has more than one property
Plot numbers and postal addresses

Payment and materials

Please note that we require the full payment of the amount shown on your cost advice AND confirmation that you have laid the correct pipe material, as per our instructions, before we will allow the call-off of your connection(s).

Please note, you will need to submit the following photographs prior to call-off:

  • A photo showing the pipework has been laid to a minimum depth of 750mm
  • A photo showing the capped end of the pipe at the boundary with a minimum of 1-meter excess for us to connect to.
  • A photo showing the internal stop tap.
  • A photo showing the ducting/insulation of the pipework through the wall.
  • A certificate from the plumber to show they are approved and the pipework has been laid compliant with our regulations.


Payment has been made *
Pipe material laid *

Connection date request

Date connection(s) required
Are there any existing services that need to be disconnected?

For example, you may have an existing water supply that has now been replaced or temporary supply that is no longer needed. Please select 'Yes' if this is the case.


Data protection: The information you provide may be used by Affinity Water to provide you with water services, give you information about your water supply and manage your account; including the collection and recovery of charges. We also collect charges on behalf of Thames Water and Anglian Water who provide sewerage services in our supply area. Read our full privacy policy.

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