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Changes to new connections charges

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Ofwat’s new rules for new connections charging comes into force on 01 April 2018 and all companies are being asked to change the way they charge customers for new connections.

We've been keen to hear your views, so have recently been consulting with our stakeholders on our proposals. The consultation closed on Monday 23 October 2017. However, following receipt of additional feedback from our stakeholders we have decided to take more time to consider these responses before we finalised our proposals. Your feedback has contributed for the development of our Charging Arrangements for New Connection Services 2018/2019.

We will be reviewing these Charging Arrangements every year and we welcome your feedback at any time. Please contact us if you have any questions or views which can help us improve our Charging Arrangements.

For reference, the consultation document can be found here.


Developments - Manage your scheme online

July 2017

We have created an online area for you to apply and manage your scheme. This will help improve the way we interact with our customers and developers.

In one location, you will be able to apply and manage your schemes, track their progress and communicate directly with us.


MyAccount Screenshot You will benefit from:

  • Viewing the lifecycle of your scheme from enquiry to delivery and final accounting

  • Finding answers to your questions in our Knowledge Base

  • Communicate with us directly via your online account

  • View the latest update without picking up the phone


Log on or register here >>


   Retail Market

March 2017

The new Retail Market which opens on 1st April 2017 requires all water connections to Affinity Water Limited’s network to be registered with a retailer. A developer requesting a connection should choose a retailer and inform us of their choice. If they do not then they will be allocated a retailer by the Market Operator after the connection is made.

Within the new retail market Affinity Water Limited are recognised as a Wholesaler, and will carry out any work to complete your water connection.

A list of current Retailers can be found here