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Olivia is helping an ill family member

Olivia has been through the worst experience following the diagnosis of a serious illness for a member of her family.  This has meant that Olivia has had to focus on the treatment for her loved one and this has impacted on the family income.

Olivia was shocked how quickly she got behind with the bills and, having never been in debt before, was worried about what might happen next.

How we helped

Olivia worried about calling, because she thought she would be judged. We reassured her that we understood her circumstances and have helped many customers in similar situations.



If you can relate to Olivia’s story, please get in touch

We know it's not easy making that first contact. Our customer affordability team are understanding and will not judge. Tell us about your circumstances and we'll be in touch with how we can help.

if you prefer to speak to us call 0345 357 2412

Priority services

For customers who require urgent assistance during an incident. Please register for priority services so we can assist you in an emergency.

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Independent advice

We have listed a number of charities and organisations who specialise in aid for people living with disabilities.

Independent advice

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Use a benefits calculator to see what you're entitled to

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