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Health & Local Authority

March 2020 Presentations

CPD Questionnaire

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Chlorine dioxide water treatment systems are sometimes installed in healthcare establishments as part of Legionella control, what chlorine dioxide by-products have been introduced in the new Drinking Water Directives?


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Affinity Water’s risk mitigation strategy includes incorporating a new online technology Tryptophane-like Fluorescence, what is thought to be the advantage of this over more traditional monitors?

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Minimising disruption of supply to our customers and communities is a key priority outcome of Affinity’s business plan, operational teams are adopting new innovative techniques which must we assessed to ensure the requirements of Regulation 31 of the Drinking Water (Water Quality) Regs are met – Why?

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The case study ‘Tapping into temporary events’ discussed how a temporary mobile toilet unit had caused sewage contamination of part of the event’s drinking water supply, why should event organisers use an approved plumber?

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