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About our revised draft Water Resources Management Plan

Within the next five years and beyond there will not be enough water to meet increases in demand, unless we make changes. Doing nothing is not an option. We need to act now to ensure there is enough water for future generations.

Our Water Resources Management Plan sets out how much water is needed in the future and how we will meet this need, it is a long-term plan from 2020 to 2080.

This plan will affect you and your community so it is important we take your views into account. We need to make sure our plan addresses the challenges we all face and provides the best value for customers and the environment.

Learn more about our plan

The further consultation on our draft revised plan ran from the 1 March to 26 April 2019.

The further consultation is now closed.

To view our revised draft plan please go to:

What happens next?

We will carefully consider all your views and submit our revised draft plan to the Secretary of State, Defra in May 2019 for approval.

We expect to publish our final plan in June 2019, and publish a Statement of Response that details how we have changed the plan because of the views or give an explanation if we have not been able to.


Draft Water Resources Management Plan 2020-2080

Our Statement of Response

We ran a public consultation on our draft plan between March and May 2018 and have published our Statement of Response. This report sets out what customers and stakeholders have told us and how we have taken their views into account.

View Our Statement of Response (published 31 October 2018) >>

View our addendum to the Statement of Response (published 1 March 2019) >>

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