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Drought Plan Strategic Environmental Assessment Public Consultation

We are carrying out a public consultation on the outcomes of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for our new Drought Plan.

Following the consultation of our draft drought plan in 2021, we made the decision to carry out a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) of the draft plan to ensure we fully assessed any potential environmental impact of actions included within the plan.

A consultation of our draft Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP24) SEA scoping report was completed over a seven-week period from 26th July 2021. In agreement with the statutory consultees we also used this consultation to inform the SEA for our new drought plan. We took into consideration the feedback received during this consultation, and the SEA assessment has been undertaken in line with the SEA Framework and methodology set out in the Affinity Water WRMP24 Scoping Report as agreed with the statutory consultees.

If you would like to provide feedback on our SEA, you can do so by email or by completing the questions using our online form.

Our SEA public consultation is running from 13th June to 8th August 2022.


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