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River Ver Restoration Project

We have completed the river restoration project along the River Ver at Hedges Farm.

The River Ver is a chalk stream that joins the River Colne near Bricket Wood. Chalk streams are globally rare habitats and there are around 240 of them in England with 10% located within our supply area.

Over the centuries, chalk streams like the River Ver have been changed for many reasons including moving them to work with field boundaries, straightened for mill races or relocated for housing. These changes mean that the rivers are less resilient to changes in climate and drought conditions.

We are working with the support of the Environment Agency and others to Revitalise Chalk Rivers. The aim is to make chalk rivers in our supply area more natural again so that they are less likely to suffer from low flows and have a good variety of habitats for wildlife.


Hedges Farm River Restoration Project

The project started in September 2019 and was completed in January 2020. The project involved:

  • Tree works to allow natural light into the river channel which will encourage native chalk stream vegetation to grow on the banks and the riverbed
  • Installation of fencing along both banks to prevent livestock trampling the banks and reducing the amount of sediment entering into the river
  • Creation of cattle drinking stations, cattle crossing points and installation of water gates to allow cattle to move between grazing areas whilst protecting the river banks and bed
  • Earth berms have been installed to create a narrow and meandering river channel which will improve the flow velocity
  • Enhancement of historic backwater by digging ponds for wildlife
  • Additional gravels have been added to improve the chalk stream habitat for fish and invertebrates who use the gravels for spawning and feeding.

The area may take some time for the vegetation to re-establish following the construction work taking place in the autumn/winter period.


Take a look at how the project evolved

Before/During Construction

Layout of new cattle crossing points on the River Ver

                 Before - July 2019                                              Before - August 2019                           During Construction - October 2019


After Construction - December 2019

images of the river Ver after the restoration work

 Cattle Crossing Point With Water Gates                                  Earth Berm                                                 Cattle Drinking Point 


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