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Brett Community

There are a great variety of native tree species on our sites in the Brett community which include:

  • English Oak (the most common tree species in the UK, Woodland Trust)
  • Alder (which plays an important role in the nitrogen cycle and is a valuable tree for many species, including many pollinating insects and birds, Woodland Trust)
  • Ash (a tree which is recovering from a disease - Ash Dieback, but has great wildlife value because of its long life-span, Woodland Trust)

Similar surveys were conducted to those in our central region to promote proactive tree management on our sites and removal of dead trees. The surveys have helped us to develop our recommendations for improvement work. These include coppicing, pollarding, felling, removal of Ivy and the planting of native species.

Invasive species surveys, monitoring and management

Stop the spreadInvasive, non-native species are detrimental to our natural ecosystems, often out competing native species. Invasive species can be any kind of plants and animals, both aquatic and terrestrial that are not native to the UK.

We are currently undertaking invasive species monitoring, treatment and control at 15 different sites across all of our communities. Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed are among the species identified and are subject to treatment and control management plans, preventing further spread and with the long term goal of full eradication.

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