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Our Community Engagement Programme

Thank you to all organisations that have applied for support

Our Review Panel have carefully reviewed all of the applications received and are pleased to announce that the following organisations showed commitment and passion to help the local community and will be supported by our programme.


Community Connection Projects CIC

The Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience (CABI) is running a programme aimed at producing a biological control for Himalayan Balsam in the form of a rust fungus. This process involves seeds being collected from specific areas and are then sent for assessment. This group specialises in running group and community events raising awareness and balsam clearing. With the funding, they would like to send their findings to CABI for analysis to help manage the biological control of Himalayan Balsam.


Chiltern Citizens Advice Bureau

Chiltern Citizens Advice Bureau is holding a water awareness project from October 2018 to March 2019. The project will help vulnerable customers in the Chilterns to reduce their energy and water usage to help the environment, but also reduce their bills. With the money donated, the charity will hold community events, train over 58 advisors to give water and energy advice and offer one to one appointments to help customers and give them water saving tips.


Dacorum Community Trust

Dacorum community trust employees

Dacorum Community Trust is an independent, non-government funded local charity that supports clients suffering with mental health problems, ranging from depression and anxiety.

As a charity, they raise funding for white goods and beds for people who have been victims of domestic violence or parents with young children.

With the money donated, Dacorum Community Trust will be able to purchase items for an average of 20 clients including table top cookers, washing machines, beds and many more.



Food Smiles

FoodSmiles is a charity with an aim to encourage people to grow and eat good, local, organic sustainably produced food through voluntary community food growers. FoodSmiles would like to become self-sufficient with their water usage by using rainwater and have better crops as they would hope to be watered regularly. With the money donated, the charity will purchase a polytunnel to help collect the water.


Fray’s Farm

Fray’s Farm Meadows is situated along the River Colne providing an important habitat for water voles. With the money donated, the group plans to fence the meadow and install pasture pumps to prevent cattle from entering the water. The reason for this is that animals drinking directly from the river has caused erosions along the banks and damage to vegetation.


Great Chesterford Community Orchard

Great Chesterford Community Orchard is a community orchard based in Saffron Walden. The organisation has planted multiple fruit trees to create a community orchard for the local community to learn and enjoy. With the money donated, the group would now like to label all the trees and install a central information board to help further educate the community about the orchard. They will also be installing a human sundial in the central circle of apple trees.


Herts Independent Living Services

Herts Independent Living Services (HILS) works to support the most vulnerable and isolated residents to keep them healthy and independent, particularly ones at risk of malnutrition and dehydration. As part of their work, HILS would like to carry out a winter hydration campaign, providing soups and hot drinks to these residents.


Saffron Walden Community Shed

Saffron Walden Community Shed is a charity that sets up community sheds across the country to combat loneliness and isolation. The sheds will be open to offer a place for people to meet and socialise in a safe and secure environment, whilst working together on practical tasks.
With the money donated, the group will purchase hand tools, power tools and safety equipment. Members can then help to improve the environment by upcycling items repaired or repurposed by shed members.


St John Fisher School

St John Fisher School has a pond regeneration and wildlife garden project which has been organised by the Parent and Teacher Association at the school. The project will be carried out by volunteers from the school community and another community group who operate on weekends. They will be working to clear brambles and weeds before a professional company work to clear the pond. Wooden sleepers will be installed to replace the rotting ones, fencing replaced, a new compost installed and water safety signs will be fixed to the fencing and gate.


Stansted Mountfitchet Parish Council

Stansted Mountfitchet Council is supporting the Stansted memorial gardens which are in the heart of the village. Members of the public regularly walk through the gardens to gain access to the railway station and local services. The gardens have recently been cleaned and the engraved names redefined. In the final phase and with the money donated, they would like to employ a landscape gardener to clear and cut back areas for replanting.


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