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Chickney Road, Essex


We are intending to do some essential works to build a new storage reservoir on agricultural land on the west side of Chickney Road. This will be an above-ground reservoir cell to be clad with earth embankments, similar to the current Sibley’s storage reservoir.

The current storage reservoir holds 18 million litres of water and is the only storage reservoir in this area. In order to carry out our maintenance programme on this storage reservoir, we would have to put it out of service for a period of time. This would affect the water supply to over 18,000 properties.

The new storage reservoir, which will hold 9 million litres of water, will enable us to manage the rising demand for water as a result of increases in local population.

It will also allow us to carry out our maintenance programme on the existing storage reservoir whilst providing security of supply to our local customers.

This work represents an investment of approximately £4 million and will ensure that we have enough water to supply the growing population in the area for many years to come.


When will the work start?

We have been working closely with the local authority and other interested parties where we intend to build the new storage reservoir.

The date of construction will be confirmed soon. We estimate that this work will take approximately one year to complete.

Proposed Working hours:

Monday – Friday: 8am – 6pm

Saturday: 8am to 1pm

The construction of the new storage reservoir will not affect the water supply to the area. We expect that there may be some minor traffic disruption caused by construction vehicles entering and leaving the site. Customers in the immediate area of the construction site may be affected by an increase in noise.

Please be assured that we will aim to keep disruption to an absolute minimum whilst we carry out this essential work to continue to provide a reliable supply of water to you.


Where we will be working