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Need to update your details?

Updating your details online is simple.

From ‘My Account’ you can:

  • Update your contact details
  • Correct how your name appears on a bill
  • Add someone to your bill, such as your partner or housemate
  • Tell us you’re moving home


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Can I correct a spelling on my account?

Yes. If the name on your account has been misspelt you can correct it online by registering or logging in to your ‘My Account’. If the spelling change is significantly different from the name we have on record, we may need to contact you first.

I’ve recently married or divorced can I change my surname?

Yes. If you have recently married or changed your name after divorce you can inform us of the change through your ‘My Account’. In some circumstances we may need to set you up with a new account but we will always advise you of any changes.

How do I notify you of a bereavement?

We’re very sorry to hear of your loss. We know it can be a difficult time so we want to keep it as simple as possible. All we need to know is the account holder’s name, their supply address and whether there is an executor for the account. We don’t need to see a death certificate. If you are an Affinity Water Customer you can notify us in the ‘update my details’ section of My Account

If you are not an Affinity Water Customer you can use this webform or call us on 0345 357 2401

Can I add another person to my account?

Yes. If there is another person living at your address and using water, then you can add them to your account. As they will then have shared responsibility for any debt on the account, and will be named on any future bills, we will need both the account holder’s permission and their permission to make this change. There are however, some circumstances in which a person cannot be added to an account such as existing debt or a pending refund.

You can request this change by logging in to your My Account or by calling us on 0345 357 2401

Can I remove another person from my account?

Yes. You may want to remove a person from your account due to change in marital circumstances or someone leaving the property. You can do this through My Account. As they currently have shared responsibility for your water bills, we will need the account holder’s permission and the person you are removing permission to make this change.

There are however, some circumstances where we cannot allow a name to be removed for example an existing debt of your account or a pending refund. If the change is due to a bereavement then you can inform us through our bereavement form.