Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

Misbourne Community


Winner - Watford Workshop

Watford Workshop is a charity that helps disabled people receive training for work, life, independent living skills and to move to mainstream unsupported employment. The funding will provide help to deliver the maths training but will also go towards cookery, cleaning and hygiene tuition.

The project supports the development of skills and community inclusiveness. It will help disabled people reach their potential, improve self-esteem, dignity and enjoy a better-quality life as a result of the training.





River Discovery Days

Restore Hope inspires, trains and equips families, young people and children who may be in challenging and adverse circumstances within our local communities in Little Chalfont, Amersham and Chesham. They support people through a well-developed range of programs and fun activities to grow their skills, qualifications, self-esteem and confidence.

Funding will help organise six River Discovery Days for local primary school children and encourage children to enjoy and learn about the environment in the unique setting in the Chess Valley.

River Discovery Days are an exceptional opportunity which inspire and enable children to explore the River Chess habitat hands on and gain an understanding of why it is important to care for this environment.



Rickmansworth Waterways

The Trust is a heritage education charity providing captivating education, organising and managing the Rickmansworth festival, and providing amenities at Batchworth which can be enjoyed by the whole community. Activities include: Learning at the Lock, an education programme for local primary school children. Conserving the historic working boat 'Roger’ and providing outreach talks. The boat's engine, dating from the 1930s, helps visitors understand the technological heritage behind boats of this era and type. Roger is conserved 'by operation'. The continuing conservation of the boat is a key part of the charity’s work to provide heritage education and other topics relating to the use of water.