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Domestic water meter application

Thank you for choosing to apply for a water meter. In almost all cases, meters are usually fitted for free for domestic customers and the meter installation process can take up to 90 days.

To complete this application you will need:

  • Your 7 digit customer number including the check digit along with your name and address
  • Number of occupiers, bedrooms and your general usage at your property
  • Installation – You will be asked 4 simple questions relating to your property
  • Any special requirements you may have, for example, need a bill in brail print.

Where we can, we will fit the meter outside and you need not be present. We'll let you know the meter has been fitted. We will contact you if we need an appointment, for example, if you share a supply with near neighbours and we have to fit your meter inside your property.


Fields marked with * are mandatory.

  • 1Your details

  • 2Billing information

  • 3Installation info

  • 4T&Cs

Your Details

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Customer number *This can be found on your bill and is in the format 1234567-8
Address *The address where you want the meter fitted.
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