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Cleaning pipes by flushing

We clean local distribution mains by means of a systematic flushing programme.

This most commonly involves opening fire hydrants and washouts on our pipe work in a planned sequence to flush out any accumulated sediment.

The majority of this work will be carried out during the night. The work will involve opening fire hydrants and washouts on our pipe work in a planned sequence to safely flush out any accumulated sediment. You may notice personnel on the street carrying out this work and we may cordon off our apparatus in advance of flushing works. We shall notify you by letter before we are due to carry out flushing work in your local area, and all our employees carry company identification and welcome your enquiries.

  • How will I know when you are flushing in my area?

    Before the flushing starts, you will receive a letter through the post with information about the flushing and the dates when you might be affected.

    The vast majority of customers are only affected for part of a single day, but the exact details of your flush will be on the letter.

  • Will my water supply be affected?

    Most individual customers are only directly affected for a few hours each as we flush past their property, although we may need to do this on more than one day when working in an area.

    Occasionally customers may receive discoloured water as a result of cleaning activities. Affinity Water will be constantly monitoring the local network to reduce the impact that discolouration may have.

  • What should I do if my water supply is discoloured?

    Discoloured water is not harmful to health. You should run the first mains-fed tap in your house at a normal rate for up to 30 minutes. Metered customers who experience discoloured water as a result of this work should ring our customer centre on 0800 521 660, as you may be given an allowance on your bill.

  • If my water supply is discoloured, is it safe to use my appliances?

    Washing machines and dishwashers should only be used if your water supply is running clear.

  • Will I be notified if my water supply will be turned off?

    We will notify you of any planned interruptions to your water supply.

  • How can you help someone who needs special assistance?

    We have a database of customers who have specific water requirements, if you are concerned please contact us on 0800 521 660, and we will make arrangements to help you.

  • Will my water pressure be affected?

    We aim to carry out the majority of work during the night to reduce impact to customer, during cleaning works some customers may experience changes to the pressure at their taps. If your supply is to be interrupted you will be given 48 hours notice.

  • Will my water quality be affected?

    Some customer may notice a slight change to the taste or odour following cleaning works, in the extremely unlikely event that you should experience a change in the quality of your water, please contact us on 0800 521 660.

  • How much water is used?

    We are committed to using the least amount of water possible during any planned flushing programme. Our flushing plan includes calculations for the precise volume of water required for each and every section of pipe work. This ensures that we always use the least amount of water possible to achieve correct amount of cleaning.

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