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Amersham and Hughenden

Sustainability Reduction Project

Starting 5 December 2016 for 6 months


Why are we installing new mains in this area?

The water supply to Hughenden and the surrounding area is currently sourced in part from abstracting water from boreholes adjacent to Valley Road in Hughenden. We have agreed with the Environment Agency to cease borehole abstraction in this area.

This project will ensure that water can be brought into the area in sufficient volume to meet peak demand but also to ensure the supply is not reliant on a single water main. If we do not carry out these works, there is a risk that over 5,000 properties could be without water if there were a burst on this pipe.

We are investing £2.5 million to improve the resilience of the water network in the Hughenden area. These works are absolutely essential to make sure we continue to provide a reliable supply of water to the community in the future.


Where exactly are we working?

The following streets/post codes may be affected during different parts of the work.

  • Windsor Lane HP16 0D

  • Watchet Lane HP16 0D

  • A413 (Great Missenden) HP16 0D

  • Cryers Hill Road HP15 6A

  • Valley Road HP14 4L

  • Sawpit Hill HP15 7D


Our works

Where we are working

What we are doing

Expected completion date

Cryers Hill Road, HP15

Work started on 9 Jan 2017

30 Apr 2017

Watchet Lane / Sawpit Hill, HP15

Work started on 1 Apr 2017

30 Apr 2017

Hughenden pumping station

Work started on 8 Mar 2017

30 Apr 2017

Windsor Lane, HP16

Work started on 24 Jan 2017

23 Apr 2017

Field work Adjacent to Deep Mill Lane, HP16

Work started on 9 Jan 2017

9 Apr 2017

A413 (Great Missenden) HP16

Work started on 28 Jan 2017

31 Mar 2017

Valley Road, HP14

Work started on 20 Feb 2017

31 Mar 2017

Watchet Lane Crossing, HP16

Work started on 15 Feb 2017

10 Mar 2017


  New water pipeline: Deep Mill Lane and Windsor Lane



  New water pipeline: Cryers Hill Road and Valley Road



  New water pipeline: Sawpit Hill and Watchet Lane


What are we doing to minimise the traffic disruption?

We know this is going to cause disruption to people in Little Kingshill and the surrounding areas affected. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused but the work is essential.

We have been working closely with Buckinghamshire County Council, the local Highways Authority to plan this work so we can reduce disruption, as much as possible.

We would like to assure you that the traffic management measures we have put in place are needed to ensure the safety of motorists and our technicians.


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